An AMAZING night all around :)

So first let me apologize for the lack for pictures the last couple of days but the internet here is making it quite difficult to post on Tumblr. Twitter has been a bit quicker and easier so please follow me on @festiaddict to receive some of those!

Now to the important stuff. Last night was EPIC! I was working all morning organizing volunteers and doing promo work, but got off just in time to see Dispatch, The String Cheese Incident, and Red Hot Chili Peppers! Dispatch put on an amazing show and I wished it never had to end! I even caught the set list! But then I had to walk across the beach to Cheese who absolutely killed it! I have never seen such an amazing performance! PLUS I met some awesome people with a giant Jellyfish pole and was dancing with it when they started to play their song Jellyfish. How epic is that?! I caught a quick glimpse of Shpongle, but immediately had to run back across the beach to the main stage to fight my way through the crowd to Red Hot Chili Peppers who then blew me away even more! Chad Smith (drummer) tried to throw me his drum stick and I caught it but then some crazy girls tried to get all over it and the security guard took it from all of us, broke it, and gave each half to them because they were so insane and angry! Thats what I get for trying to be nice, right?

After the shows were over, I was handing out some Wakarusa promo in the crowd when Michael Travis from String Cheese Incident and EOTO walks up and says “oh, I’m playing at that!” and then kept walking. One of the greatest moments of my life! I stood there stunned and in disbelief for probably 5 minutes before I could finally embrace the fact that I had just given promo to a living legend!

Hangout, you are quite the amazing festival. Why must you end tonight!?

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