Bonnaroo 2012: Day 1

Good morning Bonnaroo! The roo has absolutely been a different experience from the other festivals so far, in both good ways and bad. Let’s start with the good! Bonnaroo is huge, with about 80,000 people (from what I have heard) in attendance, and therefore filled with plenty of potential new friends and experiences. The first night I stayed in the volunteer camping and set up a pretty sweet spot. The volunteers are always so much fun and I love bonding with them! But then yesterday I was looking through the map and realizing how far away of a walk we were from centeroo (negative #1: bonnaroo is 700 acres and the walk can talk forever!), and decided we needed to figure something out. That led us to tent only camping, directly in front of the main entrance to centeroo! (Positive #2) How could we pass that up?! We packing up our backpacking bags with a tent and as much essentials as we could fit and hoofed it down to tent only camping, only to be told we had to wait until 8am this morning to move in this. Negative #2 about bonnaroo: cops in red shirts on horses think they run shit and don’t understand common sense. Thankfully, however, enough people complained and we were finally allowed to set up in camp thunderlips (tent only camping) around 5pm and our day got better by the minute. Everyone in the campsites are so happy to be here and ready for music! I love meeting new people and festivals are the best place to do that.

Now we just need the music to start! I’m excited for one of my favs today Moon Taxi! If you get the chance highly suggest checking out any of their shows today or tomorrow!

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