WAKA’s Winter Classic

Have you been checking out WAKA’s Winter Classic? WAKA traveled around from state to state to locate the best regional musicions in the Midwest. Some of the winners are NASTY!! Check the list out below:

I’ve been trying to listen to a bunch of them and I think my favorite so far is Buddha’s Groove Shoes out of Springfield, Missouri. Buddha’s Groove Shoes is a tasty but nasty, rock and roll trio that was established in 2011. They are not your average bar band, they’ve put their time in behind the scenes and fans continue to build. Joshua Stone is the bands Drummer/Lead vocalist. Josh writes the lyrics for the band and is always looking to fill the floor with positive vibes and good energy. Kevin Marshall is the bands Guitarist and composes the music for the band. You better watch out for him! He is out to melt your face with his guitar leads. As a young boy he would hide away in his room for days studying and dissecting the sounds of Trey Anastasio and Phish. Well, it has paid off! Jack Jennings (AKA Two Finger Jackie) is a funky whirlwind of groove on the bass. He is the man to get you out of your seat and shake what yo mama gave ya. When you are headed out to see a BGS show you know you are in for a good time. With some great jammy tunes and a light show that will hold you through the whole show! Check them out at WAKA this year!!

Click here for more information about WAKA’s Winter Classic!

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