Summer Camp Music Festival

Summer Camp Music Festival may have just become my new favorite festival. And not just because I just woke up to this beautiful tree view laying in my hammock.

Upon arrival, Summer Camp may seem like a pain. No car camping. Which means you need to haul everything in. But if you bring a wagon or are friendly enough to borrow one from a neighbor it’s not so bad. And then you realize the beauty of no cars. Everyone is more intimate, it’s even more of a community built at Scamp. Plus there are hardly any rules. When you enter you “have your bags checked” but it is the most lax check I have ever seen so you can bring in all the booze or whatever you may want without any hassle. Then once you have it in the campground, that is the same as the festival grounds, so you can freely drink all your own booze without worrying about getting checked again!!

Then comes the music. SCAMP has 7 stages: Sunshine, Starshine, Campfire, Camping, Vibe Tent, Soulshine Tent, and the Red Barn! My Thursday Throwdown favorites were of course Cornmeal and Digital Tape Machine at the Starshine stage. Cornmeal did an amazing cover of Dear Prudence, and their fiddle player Allie Kral stole my heart last night!! Between that and their late night set at Soulshine doing their Summer Camp Ramble, I was amazed and then saddened to learn that this weekend will be Allie’s last set!! Be sure to catch Allie tonight at the Campfire stage late night and Cornmeal’s last show Saturday!

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