Third Eye Galaxies – Meet Lauren!


This weekend at Gratifly Music & Arts Festival I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and camp next to Lauren and learn about her amazing clothing company, Third Eye Galaxies! Lauren is just getting started in festival vending, with this past weekend at Gratifly being her first major festival! Other than having a successful weekend vending, Lauren says Gratifly was “the most amazing experience in my life” and she hopes to continue vending at festivals all over the country!

Lauren does all of her clothing and designs herself. She makes all of her own stencils, and uses bleach so your clothes will never fade! Fitting in with the recycled goods phenomenon, Lauren recycles her clothing from Platos Closet, Goodwill, and Once Upon a Child. She has a keen eye for just what you need!


Rising Appalacia, one of my favorite bands from Gratifly, were lucky enough to receive dresses and bracelets from Lauren. She makes the bracelets from antique watchbands and wire wrap crystal beads.

To see more of Lauren’s work check out Third Eye Galaxies’ Facebook page or to purchase her clothing, check out her Etsy account!

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