Use RidePost to carpool for your next festival!

Have you checked out RidePost yet? They are on a mission to change the way you travel. And what better to use it for than festivals?!

RidePost is a trusted ridesharing community where travelers meet and share rides across the U.S.

Drivers can sell available seats in the car to offset gas and maintenance costs while Riders can find more affordable transportation and request rides from the community.


To a FestiAddict like me, RidePost seems great! Not only can you meet new friends, but you can save money, and cut down on carbon emissions! It has a very similar set up to Couchsurfing, where you limit the sketchiness of the greater internet to build profiles and really meet new people that just want to help others. Think about it. You are heading to a festival either alone or just with another friend and have plenty of room in the car for at least one or two other people. You can use RidePost to connect yourself to others and carpool! Carpooling is cool!


Share rides. Make friends. See the World.

hop in

To start today just head to

You can also find RidePost on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Now, who’s hopping in my car on the way to the next festival?!

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