What Is Your Sol Purpose

This past weekend at Gratifly Music & Arts Festival I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an extremely inspiring workshop with Ehren Cruz called, What is Your Sol Purpose. Sunday morning many FestiPeople came out to hear Ehren, his wife, and his self-described brothers and sisters speak about purpose and our true passions.


Ehren spoke about following your heart and pursuing something you love, even if that means pushing away from society’s typical way of doing things. Sometimes in today’s society we are constantly pulled towards one direction or another, and we forget what our dreams and wishes are telling us to do. It is important to instead share your dreams with others and reach for the stars, as there is no ceiling when we bring each other’s mind, heart, and soul together as one. As a community we can and must come together to build these ideas into purposeful action.

Gratifly was filled with learning, healing, and sharing between people. As Ehren described, each temple, person, and artist is individually amazing, but once brought together we are profound. Ehren spoke about creating community centers similar to what we had created at Gratifly, but building lasting spaces in which people can live, sustain, and inspire year round.

Society guides us by fear into believing we need that steady 9am-5pm job to be happy and to be financially stable. But what is stable and do we really thrive in today’s market structure? Ehren describes how we need to share and exchange love and art in a way that creates a new market. Within our community we need to anchor this new market into our everyday lives to build a lasting future.

What is your Sol Purpose? How are you going to make an impact today to bring about a better tomorrow?


To read more about Ehren Cruz, his collaborators, and Sol Purpose, check out his website and Facebook page.

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