The Revivalists


Agave was feeling groovy last night with New Orleans favorite The Revivalists. From followers, fans, and friends all the way to first-timers, everyone in the Vail Valley gathered to hear this incredible funky rock n’ roll septet, complete with a horn section and all.

Religion aside, a revival is all about the tangible electricity that can only be created when enough like minds are crammed under a single roof for a singular purpose. It’s a spiritual spectacle, a carnival of the divine, a whole greater than the sum of its parts.  The same could be said for The Revivalists’ searing live performances.  The band has a knack for bringing music to life on a stage, and they have tuned their talents to Swiss-watch precision over years of relentless touring. Their bombastic showmanship is the outgrowth of a desire to connect with audiences on a personal level, and that intimate connection is what elevates their shows above simple entertainment.
– from The Revivialists About Page


To hear more Revivalists or catch them on tour, please visit here 🙂

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