A “Rockpango” with Los Lonely Boys

Texacan rock group, Los Lonely Boys, impressed fans of all ages last night at the Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek. Hailing from San Angelos, TX, the band draws influences from Rock, Tex-Mex, and even Blues. Los Lonely Boys is comprised of three brothers: guitarist Henry Garza, drummer Ringo Garza, Jr., and bassist JoJo Garza. Music is a way of life for these boys, touring from a young age with their father, Ringo Garza, Sr., past member of the Falcones.


Henry Garza, guitarist of Los Lonely Boys, bringing some sweet blues with a harmonica.
You could tell these boys were here to rock from the moment Henry jumped on stage yelling to the audience “¿Qué paso Beaver Creek?” Opening with music from their new album “Rockpango”, Los Lonely Boys wanted to show Beaver Creek what a rockpango (a made up spanish word the band translates to rock party) is all about. From love songs to hard rock, this sibling trio knew how to get the crowd roaring! It felt a little bit like Valentines Day watching everyone couple up for “Nobody Else”, a love song off of their first record. Los Lonely Boys continued rocking out hard and the crowd was digging JoJo dropping some heavy bass lines along the way. Los Lonely Boys closed with lead single Heaven” (video), a clear crowd favorite with nearly everyone belting out lyrics. Henry finished by asking the crowd “Are you happy to be alive?” and it was evident these boys were doing what they loved and were extremely happy to be alive themselves!
To catch Los Lonely Boys in a town near you check out their tour here!
To find more shows at the Vilar PAC, head here!

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