The Wailers

Need a Bob Marley fix? There is nothing like The Wailers to bring you little bit of peace, love, and equality! This reggae group, anchored by legend Aston “Family Man” Barrett on bass, brings Bob Marley’s music straight back to life. Joining Barrett is his son, Wade Barrett, along with Koolant Brown on lead vocals, Keith Sterling on keys, Drummie Zeb on drums, Audley Chisholm on rhythm guitar and Cegee Victory bringing some female energy on background vocals.
I caught The Wailers last week at the Vilar PAC and I was loving the energy! The group played so many Bob Marley hits! Some of my favorites were Is This Love?No Woman No CryCould You Be LovedThree Little BirdsBuffalo SoldierGet Up Stand UpStir It UpOne Love, and I Shot The Sheriff. The Wailers closed out the first set with Waiting in Vain and finally We Be Jammin’.
I have never seen the Vilar crowd so rambunctious waiting for the second set to come around! Koolant Brown and Audley Chisholm came back on stage and set a calm mood with Time Will Tell and Redemption. Afterwards, the rest of the group came back on stage to finish the night out with Easy SkankingConcret Jungle, and Trenchtown Rock, closing with Exodus and a killer electric guitar solo!
To catch The Wailers at a show near you check out their tour here!
To catch more shows at the Vilar head here!

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