Join the International Climate Strike!


Join the International Climate Strike and get involved in these other great events!

On November 30th, one million students will walk out of class and demand that world leaders take action on climate change…

Earth Guardians is honored to partner with Climate Strike to organize an international walkout led by youth! This action takes place on the eve of the United Nations climate talks in Paris, with youth leaders calling on governments to keep fossil fuels in the ground, shift to renewable energy, and support communities who are the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.


Whether you’re an individual or part of an Earth Guardian crew, be part of the change and join us!

In Solidarity,
Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh & the Earth Guardians Tribe

International News

COP21 is right around the corner! We are forming partnerships and coalitions with like-minded organizations including Solutions COP21, which will be hosting a six-day Climate Experience event in Paris featuring a youth empowerment workshop and performance by the Earth Guardians!
Speaking of partnerships, IDEAS For Us has joined the Earth Guardian network to strengthen our global network of volunteer crews and to engage and inspire more youth. IDEAS For Us is comprised of a large network of more than 20,000 solutions-minded individuals working to combat climate change on all levels. Together, Earth Guardians and IDEAS For Us will support a growing, thriving network of leaders by amplifying their voices and empowering them through skills trainings and activism.

National News

The Bioneers Conference took place this past week with an incredible slate of speakers, performers, and climate activists promoting innovative, sustainable solutions through speeches and hands-on workshops. Earth Guardians hosted a solutions activation training developed for RYSE youth leaders to engage youth in meaningful, solutions-based environmental work, with over 100 attendees!
Xiuhtezcatl is featured in a new documentary, Changing of the Gods: Planetary and Human Revolutions. The film is about shifting consciousness and participating in #EpicChange! If you are interested in supporting this film, their kickstarter campaign has one week left!
Our newest crew in Erie, Pennsylvania started off with a tremendous three-day launch effort that included performances, speeches, and visits to local classrooms to inspire youth to action! Earth Guardians Erie is tackling environmental and sustainability issues threatening the Great Lakes region while empowering young leaders to step up and find solutions to these problems. Support Earth Guardians Erie on Facebook.

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