Lockn’ 2013

  • September 5-8, 2013

  • 1st ever

  • 25,000-30,000 People


4 bearsLOCATION:

Arrington, VA: Virginia is beautiful, and pretty easy to get to from anywhere east of the Mississippi. Although I expected to hear a lot about problems with police in the area, I didn’t hear too much about it!

VENUE:4 bears

Oak Ridge Farm: A gorgeous venue with big open fields and a beautiful oak tree at the top! I think that they could have organized the venue differently to allow for a smaller walking distance for car campers, but overall it was designed well.




It was a relatively expensive festival, but with such big names I am not surprised. Below are the ticket prices, but keep in mind you also had to buy a camping pass:

  • 4-day General Admission: $285 + fees
  • 4-day General Admission Student Pricing: $180 + fees
  • Single Day Advance Thursday: $99 + fees
  • Single Day Advance Friday: $119 + fees
  • Single Day Advance Saturday: $119 + fees
  • Single Day Advance Sunday: $99 + fees
  • Student Single Day Advance: $59 + fees
  • VIP Package: $699 + fees
  • Super VIP Package: $1099 + fees

CAMPING:4 bears

Camping was on beautiful grassy fields and very well spread out to give you plenty of space. There were a couple of different options at different price levels.


  • Tent Only Camping – $20: My personal favorite! It was nice and close, only about a 10-minute walk from the venue, and your car was not even very far from you! I love tent only camping because it builds a stronger community feeling between you and your neighbors. It is also less dangerous.
  • Car Camping – $50:  Car camping was quite a walk away from the venue, about 1.5-2 miles depending on where you ended up. There were basically 2 fields, and you were given a small space designated for your car and for your tent. It was relatively easy to meet up with friends and camp next to them as long as you were close to them in line. Suggestion: bring a bike! There were plenty of racks and I would highly recommend them if you’re going to be camping far away. There were also golf carts available for $5 per person per ride.


  • Forest Tent Only Camping – $249: A pretty ridiculous price for some trees, although they were necessary to beat the heat!
  • VIP Camping: Closer than tent only and included showers and restrooms!
  • RV Camping
  • Tent Rentals: An option to purchase for VIP and Super VIP only
    • 2 person cot tent rental: $549
    • 2 person queen bed tent rental: $749
    • 2 person twin bed tent rental: $799


They had airport shuttles lined up for those flying in, or you could drive right there!


I have a big problem with how security was handled at Lockn’…

  • The Line to Enter: Upon entry, every single vehicle was forced to go through one checkpoint, even though there were supposedly 4 gates. Parking security had cars arrive and form about 15 lines, but then only let through the first 3 and people in the others were forced to wait for hours and hours just to get into the festival. The gates didn’t open until 9am on Thursday, and Lockn’ didn’t allow anyone to enter before that even though there were lines formed the night before. Letting people in early only helps the process along in the morning, as every other festival I have ever been to has learned.  I arrived at about 9pm Wednesday night and did not make it into the festival until about 1pm on Thursday. Other friends I had were in line by 7am Thursday and didn’t make it inside until 6pm that night (missing some music), simply because Lockn’ had no idea how to get the lines organized.  I have seen plenty of lines before at festivals, but nothing as horrible as this.


  • The Car Check: Security was over the top in checking cars. I had everything pulled out of my car, and thrown all over the ground. Clothes were ripped out, coolers torn apart. There wasn’t even anything to be found in my car. It was unneeded and made a mess of my previously very well organized car. Lockn’: you should be looking for glass and tanks, and that’s about it. Leave my stuff alone, please.1294384_295311360609970_1560248768_o

  • The Bag Check: More lines, and more over the top security. They wouldn’t even let me bring in a small snack. If camping is going to be an hour walk away, you need to allow people to bring in snacks. It is ridiculous to believe that everyone can afford spending $10 a meal on food from the vendors. They also made me dump my water, which is a waste and completely unnecessary. Plus they were patting people down and trying to make people remove their shirts, which is an invasion of privacy. Are we entering a music festival, or an airport? Check my bag, make sure I’m not bringing in beer, and then leave me alone!

  • The Mountys: In my opinion, horses are not needed at festivals and onlScreen Shot 2016-03-28 at 10.49.32 PMy make a mess of the fields. People walk around barefoot all the time at festivals, and stepping into a pile of horse poop is disgusting. Plus, horses should not be around large groups of people, they can be unpredictable and dangerous.

  • The Police: There were under-covers and uniformed policemen all over the festival.


So many FestiPeople and true music lovers! It was a weekend full of love and joy.

5 bearsWEATHER:

The weather could not have been better at Lockn’! It was hot and sunny during the day, and never got too cold at night as long as you brought some layers for when the sun went down.


Some shade could have been nice for the main stage, but other than that there wasn’t much Lockn’ had to do for the weather because it was basically perfect. Most people brought umbrellas or shade tents to make it through the day.


intelocken lineupLockn-Festival-2013-lineup


Lockn’ had the PERFECT lineup if you ask me! Epic jam bands with long set times and multiple shows made for an incredible weekend. Many artists played together and made surprise appearances, including Jimmy Herring with Furthur, John Fogerty with Widespread Panic, and Grace Potter with Gov’t Mule. The music was unforgettable, and something I am so grateful to have been a part of. 


Every band is a headliner. Every band at Lockn’ was incredible. You truly can’t beat this lineup.


There were some unannounced late night shows back by the campgrounds! I was camping in tent-only, closer to the main stage, so I didn’t get to enjoy them but from what I heard they were epic!


Lockn’ had a very unique stage setup. There were basically 2 main stages right next to each other that switched between bands so that the music never stopped. The sound struggled a bit the first night, but they seemed to get the logistics down throughout the weekend. The stages had 2 screens each, 4 total, that had great imagery to allow you to see from behind. I wish that the field sloped a big more to allow for you to see the stage better from the back, but that’s just me being picky! There was also a smaller stage by the car camping area called the Triangle stage. This stage featured surprise late night sets and morning yoga sessions!




I don’t think Lockn’ had any planned community builders…


Large open fields and beautiful sunsets provided a great backdrop to some killer music!


Tons of options, the most delicious kettle corn I have ever tasted, and a highlight of local beer and cuisine!


Lockn’ brought out the absolutely best in festival merch! Bring lots and lots of money, because you will want to spend every dime!

YOGA:2.5 bears

There were yoga classes every morning to help you stretch from head to toe!




There was a huge recycling emphasis!