ARISE 2014

  • August 8-10, 2014

  • 2nd annual

  • 3000 people


Location:5 bears

Loveland, Colorado: The land of love! Super close to Denver, convenient for people to fly or drive, absolutely perfect!

Venue:5 bears

Sunrise Ranch: A gorgeous ranch, surrounded by the Devil’s Backbone, an incredible lake, and beautiful Colorado mountain landscape. The venue was perfectly set up, with everything within a 10 minute walk, and it really couldn’t have been more beautiful!




An unbeatable price for such a memorable weekend:

  • Tier 1 3-Day Pass: $155 + fees
  • Tier 2 3-Day Pass: $165 + fees
  • Tier 3 3-Day Pass: $175 + fees
  • Young Adult (13-17 years old) 3-Day Pass: $82.50 + fees
  • Child (12&under) 3-Day Pass: FREE
  • VIP Upgrade: $195+ fees

Camping:5 bears

The camping setup was perfect! Lots of different options, including car camping, RV camping, and of course tent only camping. I prefer having no cars around the campsites, so I loved the tent only camping! All campsites were a close walking distance to the venue, and there were lots of different options including even theme camps!


Transportation:5 bears

The best way to get there is to drive, there is some camping next to tents but most camping is separated, just a short distance from the parking. Loveland is less than an hour from Denver, so if you need to fly in I would go there and then rent a car! I love car camping festivals so to me, this is perfect!

Security:4 bears

I heard from some people that the car search on the way in was a little intense, but my car wasn’t searched at all, so maybe it depends on when you got there. They were doing bag searches as well on the way into the venue itself, but nothing too crazy. I didn’t hear of any problems with security, and they seemed to be more about safety than anything else.

FestiPeople:5 bears

ARISE people were some of the best FestiPeople! Love love love!

Weather:5 bears

The weather was perfect! It was sunny and warm most of the day, as it should be in Colorado! On Friday and Saturday there were brief storms that were actually really nice to cut the heat, and the Saturday storm especially was incredible to watch opposite the full moon. It was the Super Moon of August and it was absolutely beautiful!

Handling of the Weather:5 bears

Everything was handled beautifully, lots of FREE water to help people in the heat, and plenty of places to grab some shelter from the rain.



Daytime shows:5 bears

All of the daytime shows were a wonderful surprise! Some of my favorites included Gipsy Moon, Bonfire Dub, and the Drunken Hearts. Earth Guardians were some hip hop artists with an amazing message about helping the world!

Headliners:5 bears

Beats Antique killed it Friday night, Saturday night was filled with The Infamous Stringdusters, and Everyone Orchestra, and Sunday night we were blessed with Grateful Grass and Nahko and Medicine for the People. ARISE brought a perfect lineup to Colorado!

Late night shows:4.5 bears

Great music to keep you rolling through the night! Quixotic is always an exciting visual experience! Sunday didn’t have any late night, the night ended with Grateful Grass.

Stage Setup:5 bears

The stages were setup perfectly. There was one main stage (Eagle Stage) with a smaller stage (B-Well Phoenix Stage) next to it for continuous music between big acts. The sound was perfect, and the stages were at the bottom of a bowl in the mountain range, which allowed for fantastic views no matter how close or how far you wanted to be from the stage. Between the two stages was an aerialist trapeze as well, which is always tons of fun to watch!


The Souls Rising Stage was mostly an EDM stage but there were smaller acts there too on occasion, and I really loved all of the pretty trees around it! 10450316_494039930737111_6777906614218861425_o

The Sunrise Dome was an indoor theater where many of the workshops and belly dance classes occurred.


The Starwater Stage at Star Bar included coffee-shop like acts all day long!


The Crown Chakra Yoga Tent featured – you guessed it – YOGA! All different kinds, all day, every day!



Community Events:5 bears

ARISE was all about the community! There was an opening ceremony, along with many other ceremonies throughout the weekend. ARISE also featured tons of parades and group meditations.

Trippy Aspects:5 bears

The mountain backdrop, the lakes, and the beautiful weather were beautiful enough, but ARISE gave us so much more! The live artists surrounding the main venue were incredible, along with the incredible Art Gallery. The temple was beautiful as well, and of course the aerialists are super crazy to watch! OH—and did I mention the SUPER MOON!?

Food Vendors:5 bears

NOMS! The vendors were both delicious and great for you with tons of organic and vegan options.

Merch Vendors:5 bears

So many incredible vendors! Some were on the pricey side but there were lots of creative and unique shops. There was also some excellent ARISE merchandise for sale.

Yoga:5 bears

ARISE is an amazing yoga festival! There are endless options of classes, all day, every day!

Workshops:5 bears

ARISE features lots of classes and workshops. Some of my favorite were belly dancing, chakras, drum and dance circles, and hooping. There were also some incredible presenters.

 Help The Environment:5 bears

FRACK FREE COLORADO! ARISE is all about an anti-fracking message. A major message of the festival is to rise up and help stop fracking. There was also an huge recycling emphasis and they don’t allow people to buy water, and instead provide lots of free water.

Bonus points:4 bears

  1. FREE pancakes Saturday & Sunday morning at Souls Rising Stage!
  2. Healing village
  3. No buying of water, plenty of FREE filtered water everywhere!
  4. Elder’s Village


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