Campout For The Cause 2014

  • May 23-25, 2014

  • 6th Annual

  • 500 people


Location:3 bears

Bond, Colorado: Less than an hour drive from Vail Valley, or less than 3 hours from Denver, Bond provide an intimate location that is pretty easily accessible over major highways, except for the final stretch of about 14 miles on a small mountain road. The drive is gorgeous and the location brings in ski bums and river rats from all over!

Venue:5 bears

Rancho del Rio: Such an amazing venue! Cars, camping, and stages are all close to each other, and its all right along the Colorado River – perfect for rafting, floating, or paddle boarding during the day right back to your campsite! The mountains are gorgeous as well, and the beaches allowed for fire pits in your campsite.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 5.26.39 PM


Ticket Price:5 bears

Unbelievable price, totally worth every penny – especially because proceeds go to a good cause!

  • Round 1 – $99
  • Round 2 – The Rapid Pass – $119
  • Round 3 – The River Pass – #129
  • Single Day Tickets – $59-$69
  • Childen 13 and younger are free

 Camping:5 bears

The perfect camping set up! Tents were a close walk away from the stages and your car, making it easy to walk back and forth. You had choices of both grassy and sandy spots, as well as plenty of fire pits and benches. PLUS its right next to the river! Which was pretty perfect if you ask me! A few tents had to move on the last night because the river got so high, but thats expected when camping on the Colorado.

Transportation:2.5 bears

You basically have to drive there. If you are coming from out of state I would fly into Denver or Eagle airports, and then I would rent a car from there and drive the rest of the way. From Denver you would basically just drive west for about 2.5 hours until you hit Wolcott, then its about 14 miles from there to get to State Bridge, and only a couple more miles from there.

Security:5 bears

Safety, but no true security. No bag checks or car checks. Perfect 🙂

FestiPeople:5 bears

So many incredible people! From the event organizers, to the performers, to the people from for music and fun, everyone co-mingled and I absolutely loved it!

Weather:3 bears

Beautiful at times, but there was definitely some weather that passed through including rain and even some hail.

Handling of the Weather:4 bears

Safety handled it well letting people know to move their tents as the water rose, and they had a tented stage that people could enjoy when it rained.


Daytime shows:5 bears

So many incredible bluegrass bands! Mostly local or regional, Campout brought out bands from all over the area to support the Cause. Some of my favorites were The Congress, Trout Steak Revival, Grant Farm, and the Bluegrass & Bloody’s jam was perfect for Sunday morning!

Headliners:5 bears

All of the headliners were amazing, but two of them in particular stole my heart:

  • Paper Bird – If you haven’t seen these girls, f1512103_400951330045972_7216788603621988243_oind them on tour now! They are beautiful, quirky, and soulful, and their shows are so much fun! Based out of Denver, CO, this six piece Indie Folk band is composed of Genevieve (Genny) Patterson  (vocals, keys), Carleigh Aikins (vocals), Mark Anderson (drums), Esme Patterson (vocals), Paul DeHaven (guitar), Caleb Summeril (bass, banjo, guitar, harmonica).
  • Elephant Revivial – I will admit, I am basically obsessed with Bonnie Paine (vocals, washboard, djembe, musical saw, stomp-box) and Bridget Law (fiddle, vocals, octave violin). 1529982_400951383379300_2627737981944887239_oThese girls wow me every time I have the chance to see them! They are so beautiful and magical on stage, I just can’t look away. A folk band from Nederland, CO, Elephant Revival is a 5 piece band composed or Bridget, Bonnie, Charlie Rose (banjo, pedal steel, guitar, horns, cello, double bass), Dango Rose (upright bass, vocals, mandolin, claw-hammer banjo) , Charlie Rose (double-bass, mandolin, banjo, vocals), and Daniel Rodriguez (guitar, bass, banjo, vocals).

Late night shows:3.5 bears

After the headliners, there were some other shows in the tent with mostly local artists. All of them were tons of fun and didn’t go too late into the night.

Stage Setup:4 bears

One main stage with a great law in front:10443051_400950213379417_4864411359585299483_o

Smaller stage covered by a tent:


Yoga/workshop tent:



Community events:4 bears

Campout was all about the community! With such an intimate event it was easy to build a sense of community immediately. The yoga, hooping, guitar, and SUP workshops brought everyone together for more than just the music.

Trippy aspects:3.5 bears

10284893_400951060045999_2541652107442018603_oThe mountains were gorgeous, storms are always pretty fun, and the stars the last night were incredible! They also had some fantastic firethrowing and acro yoga shows thanks to Fractal Tribe!

Food vendors:5 bears

Moes BBQ and so many other great options including organic and natural foods!10357657_400952103379228_7052832588741769889_o

Merch vendors:4 bears

Lots of great local options, and a couple of festival shirts!


Yoga:4 bears

There were about 3-4 different types of classes every day! The instructors were mostly local, and all of them were super fun and awesome!

Workshops:4 bears

There were lots of great workshops options including yoga, hooking, guitar, and SUP (paddle boarding).

Help the environment:5 bears

Campout is all about the environment. The Caus10329682_400950850046020_2138036108591603926_oe was the Eagle Valley Land Trust. Part of the mission of Campout is to support local environmental causes and The Eagle Valley Land Trust saves and protects local land for our people for ages to come! 100% of the alcohol profits were also donated to the Eagle Valley Land Trust.

Bonus Points:



None 🙂

Total festipoints: 74.5!

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