WinterWonderGrass 2014

  • February 21-23, 2014

  • 2nd annual

  • 1,000 people


Location:4.5 bears

Avon, Colorado: Perfect for me! It’s where I live, living the ski bum life to the fullest at Beaver Creek! In general I think its a great location as well, especially for the bluegrass scene! It easily accessible, only about 2 hours from Denver, Colorado. There are plenty of hotels and other night life, as well as tons to explore during the day with skiing at some of the top resorts in the country.

Venue:4.5 bears

Nottingham Park: When they told me a festival would appear in the town of Avon, I saw the field and I couldn’t believe them! But they definitely pulled it off! The venue came complete with one main stage, two beer tents with stages as well, a VIP section, and some incredible vendors!


Ticket Price:5 bears

An incredible price for three amazing days of bluegrass!

  • The Locals Ticket 3 Day – $109 + fees
  • The Fresh Tracks Ticket 3 Day – $119 + fees
  • The Last Chair 3 Day – $129 + fees
  • VIP 3 Day – $299
  • Single Day – $59

Camping:1 bear

It winter in Colorado, there’s not much camping in the cold! Plenty of hotel options, however. Or ski bum couches to crash on!

Transportation:3.5 bears

With no camping, transportation is required. There were a few different options, including some hotel packages in town. A bus could take you from Denver to town, using, but its so much better to spend the whole weekend and ski during the day! The in town bus is called the Turtle Bus and can bring from Vail, Beaver Creek, Minturn, Eagle Vail, and Edwards for only $6 each way. The other in town bus is the ECO bus, but it doesn’t run very late. My preferred way of transportation was to park at the Beaver Creek parking lots (Bear or Elk) and then walk to the venue from there. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk and it is totally worth it! You can then walk to the late night shows at Loaded Joes or Montanas, or take the bus to Agave or Vail from there. Taxis also work great and are not too expensive.

Security:4 bears

Extremely lax! Just how I like it 🙂 There was a small bag check on your way in each day. The last night they started trying to go for the pat down, which always pisses me off, so they are going to lose a point for that one. There were Avon Police around, but they weren’t bothering you if you weren’t bothering them. And it was a no arrest fest – which is super surprising for a no camping fest!

FestiPeople:5 bears

FestiPeople, ski bums, they are all the same, and they are all awesome!

Weather:4 bears

Not too cold, a light dusting of snow, but nothing too crazy. I couldn’t expect any better for a festival in Colorado in February.

Handling of the Weather:5 bears

They had heated tents, which were great incase you needed to warm up!


Daytime Shows:5 bears

Every show at WWG was amazing, there were no disappointments. Great bluegrass shows, including plenty of local shows, all day long!

Headliners:5 bears

Amazing bluegrass favorites! Leftover Salmon, The Infamous Stringdusters, Greensky Bluegrass, Elephant Revival – so perfect!

Late Night Shows:4 bears

The major bummer was the 10pm curfew, but that comes with the town of Avon, so there isn’t much they could do. The late nights were fantastic too, so that definitely made up for it, minus the fact that you had to pay extra (anywhere from $10-$40) There were 3 bars in town, Agave, Loaded Joes, and Montanas, all within walking or shuttle distance, and all with incredible lineups as well!

Stage Setup:4 bears

One main stage with some incredible sound and lighting, as well as two beer halls with smaller stages for the more local bands as well as brew talks in the afternoons.


Community Events:1 bear

Nothing as far as community goes, but there were brew talks about local breweries.

Trippy Aspects:2 bears

The sunsets in the mountains are pretty incredible all on their own, and the fire throwing show was awesome! The dusting of snow was beautiful as well!

Food Vendors:5 bears

Moes BBQ! Need I say more?

Merch Vendors: 2.5 bears

A few local vendors, but not tons of options.

Yoga:1 bear


Workshops:2 bears

Brew talks were fantastic, but nothing else.

Save The Environment:3.5 bears

FREE custom branded stainless steel mug: To help LEAVE NO TRACE and minimize our plastic footprint, WWG partnered with Klean Kanteen to provide each artist and attendee with a unique stainless steel beer mug. They also donated one dollar from each ticket to supported non profits (and you even get to choose which one)!

Bonus Points:1 bear

  1. Open Colorado Craft Brew Sampling from 3-6pm every day – local Colorado Breweries will be featuring their delicious and uniquely Colorado libations


None come to mind 🙂

Total FestiPoints: 72.5!

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