ARISE 2015

  • AUGUST 8-10, 2014

  • 3rd ANNUAL

  • 6000 PEOPLE


LOCATION:5 bears

Loveland, Colorado: The land of love! Endless gorgeous views surround the small town just outside of Denver. Loveland is super convenient for people to fly or drive as it is only an hour from the city, making it absolutely perfect! 

VENUE:5 bears

Sunrise Ranch: A gorgeous ranch, surrounded by the Devil’s Backbone, an incredible lake, and beautiful Colorado mountain landscape. The venue was perfectly set up, with everything within a 10 minute walk, and it really couldn’t have been more beautiful!




ARISE is incredibly affordable and worth every penny for such an amazing weekend:

  • Early Bird Return Pass: $99 + $9.50 fees
  • Tier 2 Weekend Pass: $199 + $15.50 fees
  • 1 Day Pass: $99 + $9.50 fees
  • Car Camping Upgrade: $125 + $7.87 fees
  • 2 Day Pass (Sat/Sun): $169 + $14.50 fees
  • VIP Backstage Package Upgrade: $145 + $11.50 fees
  • VIP Camping & Backstage Upgrade: $295 + $23.50 fees
  • Small RV Camping: $85 + $8.50
  • Large RV Camping: $115 + $9.50
  • Child Weekend Pass: FREE!

CAMPING:5 bears

The camping setup at ARISE is absolutely perfect! Lots of different options, including car camping, RV camping, and of course tent only camping. I prefer having no cars around the campsites, so I loved the tent only camping! All campsites were a close walking distance to the venue, and there were lots of different options including even theme camps!



The best way to get there is to drive, there is some camping next to tents but most camping is separated, just a short distance from the parking. Loveland is less than an hour from Denver, so if you need to fly in I would go there and then rent a car! I love car camping festivals so to me, this is perfect!

SECURITY:3.5 bears

The car search was either non existent or very easy, but t11864904_571269449680825_7658396124792401356_ohe bag search was a little intense. At one point the line was outrageously long because each bag was being put on a table and searched inside and out. The bag search could have been way more relaxed if you ask me! We should never miss music or workshops because of an hour long security line. If you had no bags, however, you could walk right through!


ARISE is full of some of the most incredible people! Everyone is filled with love, happiness, thankfulness, gratitude, and respect! Endless happy smiling faces takeover ARISE every summer!

WEATHER:5 bears

The weather was incredible all weekend long. The gorgeous Colorado sun was shining every day, with hot temperatures all day and then it cooled down at night. There were a couple of interesting storms that were fun to watch build but it never really rained at the actual festival.


There was plenty of FREE water to help people get through the heat, and lots of shelter to get away from the sun!




Days at ARISE were filled with unbelievable music. Bridget Law and Bonnie Paine collaborated with almost every show as artists at large. Some of my favorite highlights were the Shook Twins, Rising Appalachia, Stick Figure, Gipsy Moon, and The Congress, but that list could go on and go!


As a Grateful Dead enthusiast, my personal favorites were Joe Russo’s Almost Dead and Larry Keel’s Allstar Tribute to Jerry Garcia! Turkuaz was also incredibly amazing Friday night, bringing some dirty funk to the stage! Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad jammed out Saturday night, and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros are always a festival favorite!


Some of the smaller late night shows were actually my favorite! The StarWater People’s Stage featured ARISE All Star Jams every night and every night was a true treat! Friday night starred Tori Pater & The Haters who were joined on stage by Bonnie Paine, Bridget Law, members of The Congress, and more! Saturday night was with Tierro & The Mystical Nomads, and Sunday closed out with Jordan Linit & The Analog Son Experience. Every night was completely epic and one for the books!


The stages were set up amazingly well, ARISE truly has the perfect design!There was one main stage (Eagle Stage) with a smaller stage (Phoenix Stage) next to it for continuous music between the big acts big acts. The sound was perfect, and the stages were at the bottom of a bowl in the mountain range, which allowed for fantastic views no matter how close or how far you wanted to be from the stage. Between the two stages were was a smaller stage which sometimes had different dancers or aerialists, which is always tons of fun to watch!


The StarWater People’s Stage was a fantastic small stage, with an amazing carpet to sit, lay down, or dance on in front, excellent chairs to lounge in, much needed shade to hide in, and an extraordinary coffee shop next door!


11896421_571445072996596_8366885429268108949_oThe Area 51 Presents ELECTRONIC ZONE was an EDM stage with some smaller acts as well.

The Sunrise Dome was an indoor theater where many of the workshops and belly dance classes occurred.

The Yoga Zone featured – you guessed it – YOGA! All different kinds, all day, every day!




ARISE was all about the community! There was an opening ceremony, along with many other ceremonies throughout the weekend. ARISE also featured tons of parades and group meditations. ARISE strives to help the community we live in, and the entire festival feels as if we are one people. It builds a truly breathtaking sense of community year after year.


The mountain backdrop, the lakes, the perfect weather, and the sunsets were beautiful enough, but ARISE gave us so much more! The live artists surrounding the main venue were incredible, the temple was beautiful, and the entire venue was both inspiring and though provoking. They had a metal owl sculture that was lit on fire one night with a fire show, and the endless dancers and aerialists were amazing to watch!


NOMS! The vendors were both delicious and great for you with tons of organic and vegan options.


So many incredible vendors! Many were on the pricier side but there were lots of creative and unique shops, as well as some of my favorites like Shakedown Goods. There was also some excellent ARISE and artist merchandise for sale.


YOGA:5 bears

ARISE is an amazing yoga festival! There are endless options of classes, all day, every day!


ARISE features a massive variety of classes and workshops. There were some that focused on yoga or dance, while others were about chakras or consciousness.


FRACK FREE COLORADO! ARISE comes with a huge anti-fracking message! A major purpose of the festival is to rise up and help stop fracking. ARISE wants you to take notice in your community to see that corporations are taking over our land. There was also an huge recycling emphasis and they don’t allow people to buy water, and instead provide lots of free water. Here are just a few things ARISE does to help the environment around us:

  • ZERO HERO – helped to source local community gardens in the Loveland area by delivering our festival compost so it can be worked back into the earth for the growth of future gardens. ZERO HERO provided recycling and composting hubs throughout the festival grounds.
  • BUYING LOCAL – ARISE chooses locally based vendors and food trucks each year, with an emphasis on vendors who source their products locally. It is their aim to help not only help foster community growth, but also contribute to the vibrant and creative community that calls Colorado home.
  • ORGANICS – ARISE is blessed to find a home for the festival that is not only beautiful but is also a local community CSA garden! The farm focuses on organic permaculture practices, providing fruits and vegetables for neighboring communities around Colorado. ARISE selects as many organic vendors as possible each year in an effort to encourage positive growing standards in Colorado and beyond.
  • RE-USE – ARISE invites you to take the green challenge and incorporate as many re-used, up-cycled and locally sourced items for your campsite as well.
  • PRINTED MATERIALS – Tradition says we need to incorporate printed materials in promotional efforts. However, ARISE works closely with Tsunami Publicity to use 100% post-consumer recycled paper and soy-based inks for all printed materials. They also recruit fans who can find creative ways to get the word out, without the need of printed materials.
  • HOW YOU CAN HELP – ARISE wants help from the community and invites you to take this journey with them by bringing re-usable water bottles, re-usable dishes/silverware and to use the composting area whenever possible. When purchasing camping gear, look for companies that incorporate recycled materials into their fibers and products, and always buy local whenever possible. If we all join together with the same mission and intention in mind, we can make a difference.
  • LEAVE NO TRACE – Help ARISE be stewards of this beautiful land and pack out as much of your own waste as possible. While they will have ample trash and recycling bins on site, please don’t leave behind your sleeping bags, tents or other waste. If you smoke cigarettes, bring an empty film or aspirin bottle for your butts. Please do not throw your butts on the ground! Thank you for respecting our Mother Earth.
Permaculture Day with The Polish Ambassador

This year The Polish Ambassador and ARISE teamed up to head the calls of the Earth. They invited others to come in as they took the leap from sustainability to regeneration during their first ever Permaculture Action Day. As an extension of the Polish Ambassador’s Permaculture Action Tour there was an earth-based, hands-on, project day at Sunrise Ranch on Thursday, August 6th. The day was filled with skillshares, potlucks, music, natural building, hands on projects and more.

For those who wanted to dive deep, there was also a Permaculture Action Course during the 3 days leading up to the action day and the festival (Monday, August 3 -5). This course was a comprehensive program that will took attendees through the permaculture design process; touching on soils, water, forest gardening, appropriate technology, and several other aspects of whole systems design. With a focus on catalyzing social transformation, they learned techniques for regenerating ecology, as well as explore community building through action-oriented organizing.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 8.44.51 PM


  1. Healing Village
  2. Rhythm Sanctuary
  3. Wisdom Village: a convergence place to meet new friends, meditate and share in the wisdom traditions of global cultures
  4. Elder’s Village
  5. Solution’s Village: a hub at the ARISE Music Festival dedicated to displays that encourage ecological and social change


For more photos head to the FestiAddict Facebook Page!

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