WinterWonderGrass 2015

  • February 20-22, 2015

  • 3rd annual

  • 2,000 people


LOCATION:4.5 bears

Avon, Colorado: Who doesn’t want to go to Vail in the middle of winter? The location is perfect to ski/snowboard Beaver Creek or Vail all day, and then head to the festival to enjoy beer and music all night! Only a couple hours from Denver, Avon is easily accessible, and features plenty of great hotels, restaurants, and more!

Venue:5 bears

Nottingham Park: The venue was perfect! Nice and small so everything was walking distance, plus did you see the new stage they built this year?! What a beautiful stage to feature so many incredible bands! PLUS there were two other beer tents with stages, a VIP section, and the Bonfire Lounge.


Ticket Price: 4 bears

The price went up a little from last year, but if you planned ahead it was definitely affordable and worth it for 3 days of bluegrass and beer!

  • The Locals Ticket (3 Day Early Bird): $119 + $15.07 fees
  • Fresh Tracks “Holiday” 3 Day Pass: $129 + $15.27 fees
  • Regular 3 Day Pass: $139 + $15.67 fees
  • At The Door 3 Day Pass: $159 + $16.27 fees
  • Friday Single Day Ticket: $69 + $8.79 fees
  • Saturday Single Day Ticket: $69 + $8.79 fees
  • Sunday Single Day Ticket: $59 + $8.79 fees
  • VIP Ticket: $299 + $20.47 fees
  • Wondergrass VIP Snow King Package 2 VIP Tickets with Westin Lodging: $1599 + $59.47 fees
  • Wondergrass VIP Snow King Package 4 VIP Tickets with Westin Lodging: $1999 + $71.47 fees

Late Night Shows: Once you add in Late Night shows , ski passes, and hotels, WWG can be a bit pricey – but totally worth it!

  • Thursday Kick Off Party @ Vilar PAC – Elephant Revival: $20 + $7.09 fees
  • Friday @ Agave – Fruition: $15 + $3.82
  • Friday @ Loaded Joe’s – Wood & Wire: $10 + $3.54 fees
  • Friday @ Montanas – Gipsy Moon/Chain Station: $10 + $3.54 fees
  • Saturday @ Agave – Leftover Salmon: $35 + $4.92 fees
  • Saturday @ Loaded Joe’s – Brothers Comatose: $10 + $3.54 fees
  • Saturday @ Montanas – The Wood Brothers/Caribou Mountain Collective: $20 + $4.09 fees
  • Saturday @ Vail Ale House – Drunken Hearts: $10 + $3.54 fees
  • Sunday @ Agave – Jeff Austin Band/Wondegrass Allstars: $19 + $4.04 fees

Transportation:3.5 bears

With no camping, transportation is required. There were a few different options, including some hotel packages in town. A bus could take you from Denver to town, using, but its so much better to spend the whole weekend and ski during the day! The in town bus is called the Turtle Bus and can bring from Vail, Beaver Creek, Minturn, Eagle Vail, and Edwards for only $6 each way. The other in town bus is the ECO bus, but it doesn’t run very late. My preferred way of transportation was to park at the Beaver Creek parking lots (Bear or Elk) and then walk to the venue from there. It only takes about 10 minutes to walk and it is totally worth it! You can then walk to the late night shows at Loaded Joes or Montanas, or take the bus to Agave or Vail from there. Taxis also work great and are not too expensive.

Camping:1 bear

It is the middle of winter, and it is Colorado, so there was no camping. That would probably be very cold! There were plenty of hotels, which can be pricey, but if you know someone in the area couch/floor space always works!

Security:5 bears

Super lax – which was perfect! Some Avon Police were around, but I never heard of them bothering anyone. There was a small bag check each night on the way in, but that was it!

FestiPeople:5 bears

Beautiful ski bums everywhere 🙂

Weather:4 bears

SNOW! I love snow, and it lightly snowed all weekend long! It may have been a bit cold the last night, but the rest of the weekend was just about perfect!

Handling of the Weather: 5 bears

The beer tents were nice and warm if you needed to warm up, along with the Bonfire Lounge. The VIP section has plenty of heaters as well if you were lucky enough to be in there!



Music starts at about 3pm each day, and there were lots of great local daytime shows! Paper Bird is one of my favorite, those girls are so beautiful and full of life! Dustbowl Revival was an amazing find, as well as Trout Steak Revival. So much bluegrass, so much love, and plenty of free beer tastings while you listen!

Headliners:5 bears

Leftover Salmon and Jeff Austin jammed on through the snow, Les Claypool was incredible weird and awesome, and I saw people crying during Elephant Revival they were so touched.

Late Night Shows:4 bears

There was a 10pm curfew for the festival thanks to the town of Avon, but there were some amazing late night shows scattered around the towns of Avon and Vail. They cost a little extra, but they were totally worth it! Much more intimate, out of the cold, and some truly amazing shows. Taking away a point for the extra cost, but otherwise excellent!

Stage Setup:5 bears

One main stage, beautifully built just for WWG, featured amazing sound and lighting! There were also two beer halls (Jamboree and Pickin’ Perch) with smaller stages, and the Bonfire Lounge had some incredible artists as well! Everything was super close and easy to bounce around!


Community Events:1 bear

Not much for community events, but at least there was local beer!

Trippy Aspects:2.5 bears

Beautiful mountains, plenty of snow, and firethrowers!

Food Vendors:5 bears

MOES BBQ 🙂 And plenty of other noms!

Merch Vendors:2 bears

There weren’t many choice of vendors, but a few local ones, and lots of WWG merch!

Yoga:1 bear

None 😦

workshops:1 bear

None 😦

Save The environment:4 bears

The three day pass included a FREE Klean Kanteen stainless steel WWG mug to help eliminate waste and emphasize Leave No Trace.

Bonus Points:1 bear

  1. FREE beer from 2:30-5:30pm every day from 16 amazing breweries

Total FestiPoints: 73!

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